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Why learning to play poker is worth the while
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Why learning to play poker is worth the while

Date Published: 12th May 2020
Author: Lowell Forest
Just like any gambling game you may have heard about, poker too is equally a game of chance. It is played with a set of 52 cards where a group of participants bets against each other depending on the value of five cards held in each of their hands, known to as poker hand. The bets are made with chips, which could be made of either plastic or ceramic material. Chips are more often used because of their ease of handling and counting, otherwise bets are made using real money. When the participants are done gaming, a winner is determined by counting the chips, after which they are exchanged for real money.

Before you indulge in this game, you need to know the different types of poker games that are available. This will assist you in making an informed decision as you choose the type you are well comfortable with for your learning. Every single type of poker game will fall under any of the three major classifications in which they are categorized.


Draw Poker where players hands are hidden from their opponents view and can hold a number. Badugi and Five Card Draw games are specific examples in this category where the players maintain their surprise by replacing a number of play options in their hands. Stud Poker is the second classification in which players dealt hands contain a mixture of exposed and hidden play options. Seven Card Studs and Razz are the two examples in this category. Community Card Poker is for those who use community cards, also known as shared cards, and consists of the two most popular games are Texas Hold'em and Omaha. Here, players use a combination of hidden and community cards in their art.

In making the decision of whether you need to learn to play poker or not, vast knowledge is required, and you need to expose yourself to the possible negative and positive impacts associated with the game. The next few paragraphs will explain shortly why you may need to learn to play poker and how it will impact your life.

In making the decision of whether

Playing poker will help you make better choices in life and as mentioned before, gambling is a chance game. You will appreciate the fact that not all the decisions you make no matter how good they are will result to a successful outcome. It is a short form of saying that all the risks you take may be rewarding and this is one important attribute required in making business decisions. You will risk high amounts of capital hoping to get the best returns but it is better to be psychologically prepared that you make losses.

Applying the skills you learn in poker may literally increase your sales if you run a business or intends to. As you play poker, you need to read other people and analyze the situation before making the right calls. The confidence you gain in reading people and the calculating moves you make will become handy in having you get high rewards. This too is the perfect projection and confidence required in making business decisions and if the timing is good enough, then the profits would be high enough to show for it.

Applying the skills you learn in

You ask anyone involved in gambling activities, and they would tell you that they are engaged in it for the fun of it. Poker is a very enjoyable activity to engage in. You go to casinos where you meet various personalities and socialize with them, listen to good music and drink good alcohol. What of the rush in adrenaline you get when you drop that last piece that will decide whether you take the day or not, is it not fun?

Poker helps in spurring your creativity as you try to imagine your competitors next move and not letting them read your mind to know what your next strike will be. If you are not creative enough then how you play will be predictable and you will easily lose. This creativity is required in your daily activities to help make some important decisions that would affect you in one way or the other. Through creativity, you get to create more opportunities to you and the people around.

Poker helps in spurring your creativity

The positive reasons may be there in plenty, but should not bar the fact that playing poker may come with its own negative challenges. If you are not careful enough, poker may be the cause of your financial problems. People have drowned in huge amounts of debts as they gamble away their hard-earned money trying to look for a quick way to riches. A good number have squandered their savings and even sold their assets just to raise some money to engage in poker games.

Uncontrolled poker gambling is a sure way for you to impact your social life negatively. Addiction would make you isolate from your friends and family in covering the shame of not wanting to be identified with the vice. The bad borrowing habits associated with it also interferes with the trust people have in you when it comes to handling resources and other financial decisions.

Engaging in poker may create the notion that success comes easy especially when the first attempts are successful. This may influence the society in a bad way where young hardworking individuals may stop trying what they do and become lazy hoping to make quick money rather than the conventional working hard way. Many have taken this as a shortcut to success and finally end up destroying their lives.

Whether you decide to learn to engage in poker or not is a personal decision. But it is important to note that it is a good activity you can engage in if you are responsible enough, otherwise the results of abuse and lack of self-control are quite detrimental. Most gambling associated plays are time-consuming and are so much addictive. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in control and whenever there is a feeling that it is taking so much your time and you are getting deep, you should stop.

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