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Unusual Online Poker Knowledge That Poker Books can't Teach You
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Unusual Online Poker Knowledge That Poker Books can't Teach You

Date Published: 22nd March 2020
Author: Andrew Harmon
We have always been an advocate of learning to play through an educational medium to which the person has access. Whether it be these books, guides, forums, videos, study groups, individual hand review sessions, mentoring or merely discussing hands with other players. Each of these options offers advantages as well as limitations, but we must not dismiss them.

Regardless of the limitations each of them has, they will surely be able to add some value in their own way. This will then help you grow a little more like an online poker player, but here, we are going to focus on just one of those learning sources. Here is some vital knowledge every online poker player MUST you can’t get them from it. Want to know which one?


Poker Books Online

Why Books? Because they are considered the traditional source of learning by excellence and, are still an essential source of learning even today’s digital age.

What Knowledge Books Can’t Teach Me?

We’ve probably read more than a dozen poker books ranging from many different topics. From poker theory and fundamentals to poker math, hand reading, poker mindset, GTO, among many other topics. But, there was ALWAYS a topic that I’ve yet to see been cover in-depth in a poker book. Want to guess what it is?

Poker Books


It’s just weird how pretty much you can learn any topic related to poker. But still and we have yet to see a book that teaches how to properly breakdown a situation from start to finish. When we say breaking down a spot from start to finish, we mean to out the reader like he played the hand. Before making a decision at the table, take into account stuff like table dynamic, player’s images, player’s tendencies. Also how to put them into a range, and how to narrow that range as the hand progresses. As well as equity of our hand vs their range, our perceived range vs their range, among other variables.

And from there, come up with the best possible decision based on our analysis of all the variables described above. Basically, put the reader on the driver seat and offer him multiple choices and make him take a decision. We have to go through dozens of books, hundreds of hours of watching training videos, hundreds of hours of coaching/mentoring, hundreds of hours of discussing hand histories with other poker buddies, etc., to be able to come up with a learning structure that would allow me to dissect a particular situation and effectively determine the best course of action that would maximize my long-term EV.

If we had this information way back when we was starting to play poker online, it would’ve saved me a couple of years AT LEAST on my development. So, my advice to you, it’s not just focusing on gaining information. Make sure every single minute you invest into learning, it’s aimed to help you develop a “study structure” that will guide you when it’s time to analyze a particular hand. We promise you; this will make a big difference in your results.

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