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Get to know Real Poker India

Date Published: 1st July 2018
Author: Dana Andrew
Real Poker India is among the best online poker sites in India, with a single aim to ensure every single one of our online players has the best possible online poker experience in the world. There is already an extensive number of Real Poker members in India, with more and more poker players signing up every single day. There is no doubt that we are still the fastest growing poker site in India.

about us

Real Poker India is so much more than just your everyday online poker site. One of the best things about playing online poker in India at Real Poker India is the many offers and promotions we have to offer. Real Poker India brings people from all over India together for a fun and enjoyable online poker experience, making our whole online poker community a family. That is why we always share the rake we make, with our online poker players. We give our each and every one of our players 25% Rake Back, as well as 25% Referral commission for each player they refer.

As well as our Rake Back and Referral commission, we also give our online poker players in India a chance to win money and prizes online, from our offers and promotions. We at Real Poker India also bring our online users, not only local poker tournaments but also free rolls and cash games, along with Voice Activated Play and Voice On. Voice features are unique to Real Poker and first of its kind in the world.

At Real Poker India there really is something for everyone - no matter if you are a poker player who loves to hit those cash games, a player who would rather spend their play in a longer tournament, or someone who is much more comfortable at the shorter Sit n Go games. If you feel like playing at the low stakes games, we have that, and if you would rather go for big money, we have that too. We promise you that you will always be able to find an online poker room which is ideal for you.

about real-poker

We at Real Poker India are constantly growing and improving the poker platform with a sole aim of bringing you the best the latest technology in the business. If you have anything you would like to know more about, then feel free to contact us by messaging us at

Recent Indian Online Poker Game Reports

Super Turbo Sit and Go - 250.00 SNG  NL on the 3rd July
3rd July 2018 00:52
Report on the sit and go match this past Tuesday 3rd July which saw nissa-all-in take the pot of 500.00 rupees.
Alaknanda, New Delhi Poker 10 Player
11th October 2018 03:48
Report on the sit and go table for Alaknanda, New Delhi from Thursday 11th October which saw alejandrori take the prize of 150.00 rupees on this 10 table.
Avenida Dom João de Castro Online Poker from January
12th January 2019 10:06
Round up report for the sit and go 10 player challenge from Saturday 12th January which saw lanedog win the prize pot of 150.00.
Aligarh Real Poker 10 Player
11th July 2018 14:13
Online poker match report for Aligarh from Wednesday which saw hothandhamad take the pot of 25,000.00 rupees on a 10 table for indian users from Aligarh.
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